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Grecotel Amirandes Restaurant Review

Greek hospitality is world famous and deservedly so!  Food is central to this hospitality and guests are warmly welcomed with delicious meals.  You will find this wonderful hospitality at Grecotels.

My recent stay at Grecotel Amirandes was an absolute pleasure and I enjoyed some lovely meals!  There are no fewer than 9 restaurants and bars at the resort.  Try something different every mealtime! If you wonder why I’m lying down in my photo …. I’ve eaten too much!

The Gastronomic feast starts at breakfast at the Amirandes Restaurant.  Enjoy a leisurely breakfast with everything you can think of available at the breakfast buffet.

PHOTO: Amirandes Restaurant, Crete

Enjoy Al Fresco dining surrounding a pool or looking out to sea.  Amirandes Restaurant is a buffet style dining restaurant and you can enjoy lunch and dinner too!

PHOTO: Grecotel Amirandes restaurant review

The bars are so chic and great spaces to enjoy a cocktail or two!  The live music entertainment is not to be missed.  Grecotel Amirandes have a smart casual dress code, which I like because everyone looks so nice!

PHOTO: Enjoy a cocktail or two! Grecotel Amirandes Crete

Nightfalls in Crete and Grecotel Amirandes sparkles with lights!

PHOTO: Grecotel Amirandes at night

I enjoyed a delicious meal at Minotaur Restaurant. Such a treat to eat surrounded by authentic Picasso artworks!  Even the dishes are works of art in the style of Picasso.

PHOTO: Fish dish at Minotaur, Grecotel Amirandes Restaurant Review

I particularly enjoyed trying a pairing of Gin and Tonic with my first course.  It worked surprisingly well and I will copy this idea at my own dinner parties!

PHOTO: Beautifully presented and delicious

My favourite dish was Lobster and Spaghetti! Greek dining involves many courses which is such a wonderful treat!  Delicious but clean eating in a healthy modern style, my favourite Mediterranean food.

PHOTO: Picasso original Ceramics

There are so many dining options from a Pool restaurant to Blue Monkey asian restaurant, Xasteria and Petrino.  I enjoyed a delicious Al Fresco lunch at Petrino, paired with some delicious Cretan white wine.

It is also a treat to relax in the Suite and enjoy the delicious snacks and relax with a glass of wine!

PHOTO: Suite 323 at Grecotel Amirandes Crete

Grecotel Amirandes is a wonderful resort and I totally recommend a stay!  You will receive a warm welcome, enjoy delicious meals and leave feeling relaxed and revived and looking forward to your next Grecotel experience!  Read my Grecotel Amirandes Review:

Grecotel Amirandes Luxury Hotel Review