Has a Carnival Cruise Ship Ever Sank?

By Michael Ferguson

A Carnival Cruise Ship has never sunk, although there have been several instances of ships experiencing mechanical difficulties or running aground. In 2013, the Carnival Triumph lost power in the Gulf of Mexico due to an engine room fire.

This left the ship without electricity, air conditioning, and working toilets. Passengers were stranded at sea for five days before being rescued by tugboats and brought back to shore.

In 2015, the Carnival Splendor experienced a similar incident when a fire broke out in its engine room. Again, passengers were stranded for several days before being rescued. Fortunately, no one was injured in either of these incidents.

In 2016, the Carnival Vista ran aground off Italy’s coast after experiencing technical difficulties. The ship was safely evacuated and towed back to port without any reported injuries or fatalities.

Carnival Cruise Lines takes safety very seriously and has implemented numerous measures over the years to ensure that their vessels are well-maintained and safe for passengers and crew. All of their ships undergo regular inspections by independent auditors to ensure that they meet all safety standards.


Overall, a Carnival Cruise Ship has never sunk due to a variety of safety measures that are taken on board each vessel. Although there have been some mechanical issues or groundings in the past, no one has ever been injured or killed as a result.