How Big Is a Suite on a Cruise Ship?

By Alice Nichols

Suites on cruise ships come in a variety of sizes, from small but comfortable rooms to sprawling, luxurious abodes. The exact size of a suite depends on the type of ship and its class, but all suites offer extra space and amenities compared to standard cabins. On many ships, suites are large enough for people to entertain friends or host small events.

Types of Suites

The two most common types of suites are junior suites and full suites. Junior suites are typically the smallest type of suite on a cruise ship; they have one or two rooms, depending on the ship, and usually include a separate seating area with a sofa bed. Junior suites may have a balcony with limited outdoor space.

Full suites are larger than junior suites and offer more amenities; they may have up to three separate rooms, multiple balconies or verandas with chairs and tables, and upgraded amenities such as minibars or living room-style furniture.

Size Differences

The size of a suite depends on the type of ship it’s located on. On smaller ships like river cruise vessels, all cabins may be considered suites due to their large size compared to other cabins onboard. Large ocean liners may have cabins that measure up to 700 square feet; some luxury vessels can offer even larger spaces for their guests. In addition to size differences between types of ships, there can also be variations between individual cabins within the same class.

What Suite Sizes Include

Suites usually include some combination of sleeping areas (bedrooms), living areas (with sofas or chairs), bathrooms (with showers) and balconies (which may include either outdoor furniture or jacuzzis). Suites often also come with upgraded amenities such as spa treatments in the cabin’s private bathroom, chocolates upon arrival or complimentary bottles of champagne.

In addition to these features, many cruise lines offer additional amenities for those staying in higher-priced or larger-sized accommodations. These can include personal butlers, private dining experiences or access to exclusive lounges in the ship’s interior.


No matter what kind of suite you choose on your next cruise vacation, it is sure to be an enjoyable experience! From small junior suites suitable for couples up through grandiose full-size versions equipped with all sorts of luxurious touches, there is no shortage of options when it comes to finding the right suite size for your needs aboard a cruise ship.