How Big Is the Apex Cruise Ship?

By Anna Duncan

The Apex Cruise Ship is one of the world’s most luxurious and biggest cruise ships. Spanning over 984 feet in length and weighing a whopping 130,000 gross tons, this vessel is truly a sight to behold. With a capacity of up to 5,547 passengers and 2,100 crew members, the Apex Cruise Ship can easily transport thousands of people at one time in its 21 decks.

The Apex Cruise Ship offers many amenities for its passengers ranging from world-class restaurants to luxurious cabins and suites. The main dining room, the Grand Terrace, serves breakfast lunch and dinner with an international menu featuring local specialties from around the globe. For more intimate dining experiences, the ship also offers specialty restaurants such as an Italian eatery and a steakhouse.

The Apex Cruise Ship can accommodate up to 4,200 passengers in its 2,100 staterooms that range from deluxe balconies to lavish suites each with their own unique features such as showers with massage jets or whirlpools. Each cabin also has interactive televisions with satellite programming plus complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the vessels interior.

In addition to providing its guests with all of these amazing accommodations and amenities, the Apex Cruise Ship also has several entertainment venues including multiple bars and lounges where guests can sit back and relax while listening to live music or watching their favorite sports team on large flat screen TVs. There is also an outdoor pool area for those who want to take advantage of some sunbathing or swimming opportunities during their cruise vacation.

For those looking for a more active experience aboard the Apex Cruise Ship there are numerous activities available including basketball courts, rock climbing walls and virtual reality experiences. There is even a casino onboard where visitors can gamble away their worries while enjoying classic table games like blackjack or roulette.

The Apex Cruise Ship is truly one of the largest vessels in existence today offering its passengers a wide array of activities and amenities that are sure to please anyone looking for a luxurious vacation experience out at sea. Conclusion:

The Apex Cruise Ship is an impressive vessel that measures over 984 feet long and weighs 130,000 gross tons making it one of the biggest ships on earth today.

It has enough space on board to accommodate up to 5,547 passengers which includes 2,100 staterooms ranging from deluxe balconies all the way up to lavish suites complete with massage jets or whirlpools should you choose them! In addition there are plenty of entertainment options such as casinos, bars & lounges plus outdoor pools for when you just want to relax under some sunshine! All in all this vessel offers its guests an unforgettable experience that will make them never want to leave!