How Big Is the Biggest Cruise Ship?

By Robert Palmer

Cruise ships come in a variety of sizes, but the largest and most incredible of them all is the Symphony of the Seas. This magnificent ship is part of Royal Caribbean International’s Oasis-class vessels, and it’s currently the biggest cruise ship in the world. It has a total length of 1,188 feet and is as tall as a 204-foot-high skyscraper.

The Symphony of the Seas was launched in 2018 and has quickly become one of the most popular vacation spots for travelers around the world. Its impressive size allows it to accommodate up to 6,680 passengers in its luxurious cabins, suites, and staterooms spread across 18 decks. It also features seven distinct neighborhoods that offer a wide variety of activities for its guests.

The ship also boasts an impressive array of amenities including numerous restaurants and bars, two swimming pools, a casino, a full-service spa, multiple hot tubs and Jacuzzis, an ice rink, and even an aqua theater with high-diving performances.

The Symphony of the Seas also offers plenty of entertainment options for its guests. Its theater offers Broadway-style shows and musicals while its Royal Promenade features live music every night. There are plenty of activities for kids as well with a mini golf course and multiple water slides.

How big is the biggest cruise ship? The answer is quite simple – it’s huge!

The Symphony of the Seas measures more than 1,188 feet long which makes it taller than many skyscrapers! Not only does it accommodate up to 6,680 passengers with its luxurious cabins and suites but also offers an array of amenities such as restaurants and bars, two swimming pools, a casino spa and more. With so much to offer on board this amazing cruise ship surely lives up to its reputation as one of the biggest ships in the world!