How Can I Travel to India Budget?

By Anna Duncan

India is a vibrant and colorful country with a rich cultural heritage that makes it a great destination for budget travelers. With its diverse landscapes, incredible architecture, and amazing food, India is the perfect place to explore on a budget.

The key to traveling to India on a budget is to plan ahead. Research prices and availability of flights, accommodations, and activities before you set out.

Look into online travel agencies like Skyscanner or AirAsia for the best deals on flights. Consider flying into bigger cities like Delhi or Mumbai which have more accommodation options available at better prices than smaller towns.

Accommodation in India can be surprisingly affordable. There are plenty of hostels and guesthouses that offer great value for money in most of the major cities.

If you’re looking for something more luxurious, there are plenty of hotels to choose from as well. Hostelworld is a great resource for finding cheap hostels throughout India.

Transportation in India can be daunting at first but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Taking local buses or trains is usually much cheaper than hiring a car or taxi service. For longer distances, take advantage of low-cost domestic airlines like Indigo or SpiceJet which offer great deals on airfares.

Food in India can also be budget-friendly if you know where to look. Street food is abundant and often very cheap but make sure you only eat at reputable stalls with good hygiene practices. Local restaurants serve delicious dishes at very reasonable prices too so don’t be afraid to explore!


Traveling to India on a budget isn’t impossible – if you plan ahead and research the best deals on flights, accommodations, transportation and food, you can experience all that this incredible country has to offer without breaking the bank.