How Can I Travel to Paris on a Budget?

By Anna Duncan

Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and unfortunately, it can be quite expensive to visit. But don’t let this deter you – there are plenty of ways to travel to Paris on a budget!

The first step is deciding when to go. The most expensive time to visit Paris is during the peak summer months of June-August.

If you can avoid this time frame, you’ll save yourself a large chunk of money. Instead, try visiting during the spring or fall for more affordable rates. Additionally, consider visiting on weekdays rather than weekends as prices tend to be higher on weekends.

Once you’ve chosen your dates, it’s time to book your accommodations. If you’re looking for an affordable stay in Paris, consider Airbnb or hostels over hotels. Hostels provide shared dormitory-style rooms that are much more affordable than hotel rooms and they often have incredible amenities such as free breakfast and Wi-Fi.

When it comes to getting around Paris, public transportation is your best bet. A single ticket costs 1.90 Euros and a day pass costs 7.50 Euros – both much cheaper than taking taxis everywhere! Additionally, if you’re under 26 years old (or a full-time student) you can get a discounted rate on public transportation.

Food: Eating out in Paris can get quite expensive but there are some strategies for saving money on food here too! Consider buying groceries from local markets and cooking meals yourself if possible. Alternatively, try eating at ethnic restaurants which often offer cheaper meals than traditional French restaurants.

Entertainment: There are plenty of free activities to enjoy in Paris such as walking along the Seine River or visiting one of the many parks and gardens that line the city streets. Additionally, some attractions offer discounted rates for students or those under 26 years old so be sure to take advantage of these deals if possible.

Conclusion: With careful planning and some savvy budgeting techniques, it’s definitely possible to have an amazing trip to Paris without breaking the bank! By booking accommodations through Airbnb or hostels, using public transportation whenever possible, eating at ethnic restaurants or cooking meals yourself and taking advantage of discounts whenever available – you can easily have an unforgettable experience while sticking within your budget.