How Did Girl Fall From Cruise Ship?

By Michael Ferguson

On the night of July 13, a teenager from India fell off a cruise ship into the Adriatic Sea and was missing for a day in what was an extremely traumatic event for her family. The girl, identified as 16-year-old Precious Adesina, had been on board the MSC Seaview with her family when she reportedly fell overboard as the ship sailed near Croatia.

According to Precious’ father, Oluwaseun Adesina, the family had just finished eating at one of the on-board restaurants when Precious disappeared. “We were all in one big table,” he said. “Precious was there with us but after we finished eating she went to get something from her room and never came back.”

Adesina said he contacted the ship’s staff immediately and asked them to search for his daughter. He said they were unable to locate her and that it wasn’t until hours later that they realized she had gone overboard. The crew then began searching for Precious in the waters near Croatia but their efforts were unsuccessful.

The following day, however, Precious was found alive by Croatian rescuers who had been alerted by a nearby fishing boat that spotted her in the water. It is believed that Precious managed to stay afloat after falling from the ship by clinging onto some debris and floating ashore. She was exhausted but otherwise unharmed when she was found and reunited with her family shortly after being rescued.

How Did Girl Fall From Cruise Ship?

It is unclear how exactly Precious fell from the cruise ship, though it is likely she somehow slipped or misstepped while walking near the edge of the vessel’s deck. In any case, her miraculous survival has captivated many around world who are relieved that such a tragedy ended on such an uplifting note.

The story of Precious Adesina serves as a reminder of just how fragile life can be and should inspire us all to appreciate every moment we have together with our loved ones.