How Did the Origin of Travel Agency Business Start in the World?

By Alice Nichols

Travel agencies have been around for centuries, but the origins of the industry are surprisingly difficult to trace. While the exact date of their introduction is unknown, it’s believed that the first travel agency was established in England around 1758.

The concept of a travel agency was born out of necessity. As international travel became increasingly popular in the 18th century, people began relying on agents to book and organize their trips overseas. Travel agents were able to provide much-needed information about foreign countries as well as booking accommodations, transportation, and other services for travelers.

Travel agents soon began offering additional services such as insurance policies and currency exchange. By the late 19th century, American travel agents had become so popular that they had established their own trade organization – The National Association of Travel Agents (NATA). This organization was responsible for setting standards for the industry and advocating on behalf of its members.

In the early twentieth century, air travel revolutionized how people traveled and made international journeys much easier and more accessible. As a result, more people began booking trips through travel agencies as they offered convenience, expertise, and access to exclusive deals not available through any other source.

In recent years, online booking has become increasingly popular due to its ease-of-use and low cost options. Despite this shift in consumer behaviour, traditional brick-and-mortar travel agencies have managed to remain relevant by continuing to offer personalized service and exclusive deals that are often not available online.

Overall, the origin of travel agency business started out of necessity but has evolved over time into an essential part of modern international travel. With its combination of personal service and access to exclusive deals, traditional brick-and-mortar agencies will likely remain an important part of international tourism for years to come.


The origin of the travel agency business dates back centuries when travelers relied on agents to book their overseas trips due to a lack of information about foreign countries available at the time.

With air travel revolutionizing how people traveled in the 20th century and online booking becoming increasingly popular today, traditional brick-and-mortar agencies have managed to remain relevant by providing personalized service and access to exclusive deals not available elsewhere.