How Did the Toddler Fall Off the Cruise Ship?

By Alice Nichols

On July 13th, 2019, an 18-month-old toddler tragically fell off the back of a cruise ship while on holiday in the Mediterranean Sea. The toddler was onboard with his family, who had been enjoying a trip around the Mediterranean on a Royal Caribbean cruise liner.

The incident occurred when the toddler’s parents were out of sight for a few moments and he managed to wander away from his family. He ended up near the rear of the ship and somehow fell off into the ocean. It is believed that at this point, he was no longer visible to anyone from the ship.

The accident has caused outrage among passengers and Royal Caribbean are under fire for inadequate safety measures that could have prevented such an incident from occurring. Passengers have voiced their concerns over how easy it was for the toddler to get away from his parents and end up so close to an area where he could potentially fall overboard.

The search for the little boy began immediately after his disappearance was reported, with both sea and air forces searching for him in nearby waters. Despite their efforts, they were unable to locate him and eventually had to suspend their search.

This heartbreaking incident has left many people questioning how such a tragedy could have been allowed to happen in this day and age. It serves as a stark reminder of how vigilance needs to be kept when travelling with small children, even on board large ships like those operated by Royal Caribbean.

Conclusion: The tragic accident involving an 18-month-old toddler falling off a Royal Caribbean cruise ship has left many people asking how such an incident could have happened in this day and age. It highlights the importance of paying close attention to young children, even when travelling on secure vessels like cruise liners; no matter how safe we think we might be, accidents can still happen if care is not taken at all times.