How Did Woman Fall Overboard on Carnival Cruise Ship?

By Michael Ferguson

It was a tragic event when a woman fell overboard the Carnival Cruise Ship on July 4th. She was identified as Kaylyn Rose Sommer, 24, from Florida. The incident occurred at approximately 2:30 p.m. while the ship was sailing near Georgetown, Grand Cayman Island.

The vessel had departed from Miami, Florida on July 1st and was on its way to Cozumel, Mexico. Reports from witnesses stated that Sommer had been drinking with some friends when she suddenly jumped over the railings of the ship. It is believed she may have been trying to take a swim but due to her inebriated state could not have done so safely.

The crew members of the Carnival Cruise Ship responded quickly and deployed their rescue boats as soon as possible in order to find Sommer in the open waters. Unfortunately, by that time it was too late and Sommer had already drowned.

The United States Coast Guard conducted an extensive search for Sommer during the following two days but were unable to locate her body. At this point, it is likely that her body has been swept away by strong ocean currents and may never be found.


The US Coast Guard is continuing its investigation into how this accident happened and why no one noticed or prevented it from happening in the first place. The investigators are also looking into why no one noticed or responded faster when she fell off the ship.


Ultimately, the tragedy of Kaylyn Rose Sommer’s death serves as a reminder of how important it is to stay safe on vacation and always be aware of your surroundings. It is unclear at this time how she fell overboard but an investigation has been launched in order to determine what caused this fatal accident.


How did a woman fall overboard on a Carnival Cruise Ship? In this tragic event, Kaylyn Rose Sommer fell off the ship while intoxicated, likely trying to take a swim despite being unable to do so safely due to her level of intoxication. The US Coast Guard is currently conducting an investigation into what caused this accident and why no one noticed or prevented it from happening in the first place.