How Do I Call a Cruise Ship?

By Alice Nichols

Cruise ships are a popular way to explore the world, as they offer an all-inclusive experience with accommodation, meals, entertainment and activities. But before you can get on board a cruise ship, you must first know how to call one.

The best way to call a cruise ship is by using the vessel’s telephone number. This number can be found on the ship’s website or in its brochures.

The number should begin with an international code such as +1 (for the US and Canada) or +44 (for the UK). Once you have dialed this number, you can expect to be connected to the onboard switchboard operator who will assist you with your query.

If you cannot find a telephone number for your desired cruise ship, an alternative option is to contact the cruise line directly. Many of these companies have toll-free customer service numbers where passengers can get information about bookings, fares and other matters relating to their voyage.

You may also be able to reach a cruise ship by contacting its port of embarkation or disembarkation. Each port will have their own phone numbers for those looking for information about their ships or other vessels that may be moored there at any given time.

Finally, if all else fails, there is always the option of sending an email directly to the cruise line’s customer service department.

In conclusion, when it comes to calling a cruise ship there are several options available including contacting the vessel directly via its telephone number, speaking with its parent company by phone or emailing them directly. Whichever method you choose, it’s important that you make sure that all your details are correct before making contact.


The best way to call a cruise ship is by using its telephone number which can usually be found on its website or in brochures. If this is not possible then contacting the parent company of the cruise line via toll-free customer service numbers or email may also be effective methods of getting in touch with them. It is important that any details provided when making contact with the vessel are accurate and up-to-date in order for any queries to be answered successfully.