How Do I Travel to Egypt on a Budget?

By Anna Duncan

Egypt is a beautiful and exotic destination, with its vast deserts, ancient monuments, and the magic of the Nile River. It’s a great place to visit for a holiday or just to get away from it all.

But if you’re on a budget, it can be tricky to make the most of your trip without spending too much money. Here are some tips to help you travel to Egypt on a budget.

Plan Ahead

The key to finding great deals and discounts when travelling is planning ahead. You should research flights and accommodation in advance.

Compare prices online and book as far in advance as possible – this can save you up to 30% in some cases. To keep costs down further, look for package deals that include airfare and accommodation.

Look for Off-Season Deals

Egypt has two main tourist seasons – winter (December-February) and summer (June-August). Prices tend to be higher during these times due to increased demand so if you’re looking to save money, it’s best to visit during the off-season months when prices are lower.

Choose Your Accommodation Wisely

Accommodation in Egypt can be expensive but there are plenty of budget options available such as hostels, guesthouses or even camping if you’re feeling adventurous. You could also consider Couchsurfing or Airbnb for cheaper alternatives.

Take Public Transport

Public transport is an excellent way of getting around Egypt on a budget. Buses, trains and ferries are all relatively cheap compared to other forms of transport such as taxis or rental cars.


Travelling on a budget doesn’t mean compromising on experience; with careful planning and smart choices you can still enjoy all the wonders of Egypt without breaking the bank! By researching flights and accommodation in advance, taking advantage of off-season deals, choosing your accommodation wisely, and using public transport whenever possible, you can have an unforgettable holiday in Egypt without having to spend too much money.