How Do I Write a Business Plan for a Travel Company?

By Alice Nichols

A business plan is the foundation of any successful venture. A travel company is no different and requires an up-to-date, comprehensive business plan. Writing a business plan for a travel company involves assessing the market, choosing a Target demographic, and outlining the services offered.

Do Market Research – Start by researching the travel industry and your competition. Learn about the latest trends in travel and how other companies are marketing their services. You’ll need to create a unique brand for your company in order to stand out from the competition.

Choose Your Target Demographic – Identify who your customers will be and what services they will need from you. For example, will you be Targeting families, couples, or adventure seekers? Will you offer custom packages or pre-planned itineraries?

Outline Your Services – Create an outline of all of the services that you will offer. This should include pricing structures, payment options, and any additional fees that may apply (such as cancellation fees).

Create a Financial Plan – Estimate your start-up costs and determine how much money you’ll need to open your business. Create a budget outlining all of your expenses including marketing costs, employee salaries, office rent, etc. You should also include projections of future income based on your estimated number of clients.

Determine Your Legal Structure – Decide whether you want to operate as a sole proprietorship or incorporate as an LLC or corporation. Consult with an attorney to ensure that all legal requirements are met before moving forward with opening your business.


Writing a business plan for a travel company is not difficult but does require research into the industry and an understanding of who your customers are and what services they need from you. Through market research, choosing a Target demographic, outlining services offered, creating a financial plan, and determining a legal structure – you can create an effective business plan for your travel company that will set it up for success!