How Do You Bear Proof When Backpacking?

By Anna Duncan

When backpacking, it is important to protect yourself from dangerous wildlife and other threats. The best way to do this is by bearing proofing your camp. Bear proofing involves taking certain precautions to make sure that you are safe from bears and other animals while camping or hiking in bear country.

The first step in bear proofing is knowing where the bears are located and what type of bear activity is present in the area. It is important to be aware of potential food sources such as berries, nuts, fish, and other animals that can attract bears. You should also familiarize yourself with the signs of bear activity such as tracks, droppings, and broken branches near trails.

When you are setting up your camp site, it is important to take extra precautions when storing food and other items that could potentially attract wildlife. All food should be stored in a bear-proof container or hung at least 10 feet off the ground between two trees using at least two cords of strong rope or wire. If possible, hang the food far away from your campsite so that any bears that come into the area will not be able to access it easily.

Make noise: Bears often avoid humans if they hear them coming from a distance because they are naturally fearful of humans. Make sure to talk or sing loudly when walking through bear territory so that you can alert any potential bears to your presence.

Avoid cooking near your campsite: Cooking smells can attract bears from far away, so it’s best to avoid cooking near your campsite if possible. If you must cook close by, choose an area that is well-lit and clear of vegetation so that any potential bears will be able to see you from a distance and have time to flee the area before getting too close.

Be vigilant: Even after taking all of these precautions, it’s still important to stay vigilant while camping in bear country. Avoid walking alone at night and always check ahead for any signs of bear activity before entering an area where there may be bears present.

By taking all of these steps for bear proofing your camp site when backpacking, you can help ensure that you stay safe during your outdoor adventures in bear country.


Bear proofing your camp site when backpacking includes knowing where bears are located and what type of activity they may be engaging in nearby; storing all food items away from the campsite; making noise when walking through bear territory; avoiding cooking near your campsite; and staying vigilant while camping in bear country.