How Do You Become a Personal Trainer on a Cruise Ship?

By Michael Ferguson

For those seeking an exciting career that combines travel and fitness, becoming a personal trainer on a cruise ship is an ideal option. Cruise ship personal trainers are responsible for organizing, leading and conducting physical fitness classes and activities for passengers onboard. In addition to leading the exercises, these professionals must also assess passengers’ fitness levels, provide health advice and nutrition advice, create individualized fitness plans for each passenger and ensure proper safety measures are followed during the workouts.

Requirements to Become a Personal Trainer on a Cruise Ship

The requirements to become a personal trainer on a cruise ship vary by employer, but generally speaking you will need to have at least two years of experience as a personal trainer in addition to being certified by an accredited organization such as the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). You will also need to have strong communication skills as well as strong leadership skills. Additionally, many employers prefer that applicants have knowledge and experience with various types of exercise equipment.

Application Process

Once you meet the requirements to become a cruise ship personal trainer, you will need to submit your resume or CV online or in person at the hiring company’s office. After your application is reviewed, you may be asked to come in for an interview and demonstrate your fitness knowledge and abilities. If selected for the position, you will then go through onboarding where you will be given detailed instructions about your job duties and safety protocols.

Job Responsibilities

As a cruise ship personal trainer, it is your responsibility to provide passengers with high-quality physical training sessions while ensuring their safety at all times. This includes leading group classes such as aerobics or yoga classes, developing individualized training programs based on each passenger’s goals and needs, providing nutritional advice and educating passengers on proper form while exercising. Personal trainers must also maintain accurate records of each passenger’s progress as well as any injuries or illnesses that occur during their training sessions.

Working Conditions

Cruise ship personal trainers typically work long hours with evenings and weekends being peak times for activity onboard the ships. Depending on the size of the company you work for and the number of passengers onboard each trip, you may be required to lead multiple classes per day in addition to private training sessions with passengers who request them.

Conclusion: To become a personal trainer on a cruise ship requires having two years of experience as a personal trainer combined with certifications from accredited organizations such as ACSM along with strong communication skills, leadership skills and knowledge of exercise equipment. The application process can involve submitting resumes/CVs online or in person along with interviews followed by onboarding instructions regarding job duties and safety protocols upon hire. Onboard responsibilities include providing high-quality physical training sessions while maintaining accurate records of progress/injuries/illnesses along with long hours including peak times during evenings/weekends depending on size/number of passengers per trip.