How Do You Carry a Bear Canister When Backpacking?

By Robert Palmer

Bear canisters are an essential accessory for any avid backpacker, as they provide a secure and durable way of storing food and other scented items while out in the backcountry. Carrying a bear canister can be tricky, though, as they are quite bulky and awkward to carry. However, with the right technique and some practice, it is possible to carry a bear canister with relative ease.

Selecting the Right Canister

The first step in carrying a bear canister is selecting the right one for your needs. Bear canisters come in various sizes and shapes, and choosing one that is lightweight yet durable is key.

Look for one that has an ergonomic shape that fits snugly against your body when carrying it. Also make sure to take into account the size of your gear when selecting the right bear canister – you don’t want one that is too large or too small for your needs.

Attaching It Securely

Once you have selected the right bear canister for your needs, it’s time to attach it securely to your backpack. For most backpacks, there are loops or straps located near the bottom of the bag where you can attach the straps on the bear canister.

Make sure to tighten these straps securely to ensure that your bear canister won’t slip off while you’re hiking. If you don’t have loops or straps on your backpack, try wrapping a bungee cord around both objects or use carabiners instead.

Carrying Your Bear Canister

When carrying a bear canister on a hike, it’s important to keep it close to your body so that it does not swing around when you walk. Try wearing your backpack slightly higher up on your back so that the weight of the bear canister is closer to your center of gravity.

This will help make carrying it much easier. Additionally, try shifting some of the weight from other items in your backpack into the bear canister if possible – this will help lighten up your load overall.

Conclusion: Carrying a bear canister while backpacking doesn’t have to be difficult! With some careful selection and preparation ahead of time, as well as proper positioning while carrying it, anyone should be able to carry their bear canisters with ease!