How Do You Carry a Drone Backpacking?

By Robert Palmer

When backpacking, drones can provide you with an exciting way to explore and document your trip. However, knowing how to properly carry your drone can be tricky. Knowing the best way to store, transport and protect your drone is essential for any backpacking drone enthusiast.

Size Matters
When considering which type of drone to bring on a backpacking trip, size matters. Smaller drones are more portable and easier to carry, but they may not have as many features as larger ones. Before purchasing a drone for backpacking, consider the size and weight of the drone in relation to the space you will be carrying it in.

Carrying Cases
Carrying cases are an important consideration when transporting a drone while backpacking. A good carrying case should be lightweight and have enough room for all of your drone’s parts.

Look for cases that are waterproof or have some degree of water resistance. Additionally, consider whether you will need a carrying case that has straps for attaching it to a backpack or one that is designed to fit within another bag.

Power Options
When backpacking with drones, power options need to be taken into consideration. If you plan on flying your drone during your trip, make sure you have enough batteries for the entire duration of your trip. It is also important to consider if there are any charging options available in remote areas where you will be traveling.

Safety First
When packing a drone for backpacking trips, safety should always come first. Make sure all blades and propellers are securely attached before packing them away. Additionally, ensure that all batteries are stored properly and in accordance with safety regulations.


Carrying a drone when backpacking can provide exciting opportunities for exploration and documentation. When packing your drone, remember to consider size, power options and safety first.

Investing in a good carrying case can also help keep your most prized possession protected from damage during travel. With the right preparation, you can look forward to spectacular aerial views from remote locations on your next adventure!