How Do You Carry a Water Bottle While Backpacking?

By Robert Palmer

If you’re an avid hiker or camper, it’s essential to have a reliable way to carry water while backpacking. Not only is it essential to stay hydrated while in the wilderness, but having a sturdy and secure vessel to store your water is key too. There are several ways you can carry a water bottle while backpacking, depending on the type of terrain and activity you’ll be doing.

Camelbak Hydration Pack:

One of the most popular ways to carry a water bottle while backpacking is with a Camelbak hydration pack.

This type of pack has an integrated bladder that can hold up to three liters of water and is easily accessible through a drinking tube. Not only does this save time when you need water, but it also keeps your hands free for other activities like setting up camp or handling tools. The weight of the bladder and hose are usually evenly distributed across your shoulders, so it won’t cause any discomfort during long hikes.

Water Bottle Belt:

If you don’t want the bulkiness of a Camelbak hydration pack, another option is to use a water bottle belt. These belts are designed with several pockets that can fit different-sized bottles, allowing you to bring enough water for multiple people if needed.

Some models also include exterior pockets for extra storage space for snacks or other small items. The great thing about these belts is that they provide easy access and keep your hands free.

Shoulder Sling:

If you don’t want anything attached to your waist or shoulders while hiking, then using a shoulder sling might be the best option for you. These slings are lightweight and adjustable, allowing them to fit snugly across your chest without any bulkiness or discomfort. They also provide quick access to your water bottle whenever needed without having to stop and take off your backpack.

No matter what type of terrain or activity you’re doing while backpacking, it’s important that you have reliable way to carry your water bottle with ease. Whether it’s using a Camelbak hydration pack, water bottle belt, or shoulder sling; there are plenty of options out there that will suit whatever needs you have.


When carrying a water bottle while backpacking, there are three main options available – Camelbak Hydration Packs, Water Bottle Belts, and Shoulder Slings – all providing their own advantages based on individual needs. With any of these options in hand (or on body) hikers can travel worry-free knowing they have quick access to hydration anytime they need it!