How Do You Carry Your Camera When Backpacking?

By Robert Palmer

Backpacking is an activity that presents a unique set of challenges for those who like to bring a camera along on their journey. With limited space and weight restrictions, it’s important to choose a camera bag or carrying case that meets your needs without compromising your comfort or safety. Here are some tips on choosing the best way to carry your camera when backpacking.

1. Consider Your Camera Size and Weight

The first step in choosing the right way to carry your camera when backpacking is to consider the size and weight of the camera itself.

If you’re using a DSLR or mirrorless camera, it’s likely going to be a bit heavier than a point-and-shoot model. This means you’ll need to select something that can handle the extra weight without sacrificing comfort or safety. If you plan on carrying additional lenses, be sure to factor in their size and weight as well.

2. Choose Between Backpack or Shoulder Bag

Once you’ve taken into account the size and weight of your camera, you’ll need to decide whether you prefer a backpack or shoulder bag for carrying it.

Backpacks are generally more comfortable over long distances, as they evenly distribute the weight across both shoulders and can also accommodate additional items such as hiking poles and food supplies. However, shoulder bags are often more convenient since they’re easier to access while on the move.

3. Select Quality Materials

When selecting a backpack or shoulder bag for carrying your camera while backpacking, it’s important to choose one made from quality materials such as nylon or leather. These materials will provide greater protection against wear and tear, as well as water resistance in case of inclement weather.

4. Look for Additional Features

Finally, it’s worth looking for additional features when selecting a backpack or shoulder bag for carrying your camera while backpacking. Look for bags with built-in padding or compartments specifically designed for cameras and lenses which can help protect them from bumps and scratches during transport.


Carrying your camera while backpacking can be tricky due to space and weight restrictions but with careful consideration of size and weight, choosing between backpack or shoulder bag depending on personal preference, selecting quality materials and looking out for additional features such as padding, it is possible to find an appropriate way of doing so without compromising comfort or safety.