How Do You Give a Cruise as a Christmas Gift?

By Alice Nichols

Are you looking for a unique and memorable Christmas gift for your loved ones? Why not give them a cruise vacation!

A cruise is an excellent way to explore new destinations, relax, and make unforgettable memories. But how do you give a cruise as a Christmas gift? Here are some tips to help you out.

1. Choose the Right Cruise Line
The first step in giving a cruise as a gift is to choose the right cruise line. You need to consider the preferences of the person you’re gifting the cruise to.

Do they prefer luxury or adventure? Are they traveling with their family or alone? Different cruise lines cater to different types of travelers, so it’s essential to research before making your choice.

2. Decide on the Itinerary

The itinerary is also an important factor when choosing a cruise as a gift.

Would the recipient enjoy exploring exotic destinations or spending time relaxing on beautiful beaches? Do they prefer short trips or longer ones? Consider their interests and preferences when selecting an itinerary.

3. Determine the Length of the Cruise

The length of the cruise is also something that you need to consider.

Cruises can range from two days to several weeks, depending on the itinerary and destination. Think about how much time your loved one can take off work or school and how much time they would like to spend on vacation.

4. Book Early
Booking early is crucial when giving a cruise as a gift, especially during peak seasons like Christmas. This will ensure that you get the best deals and cabins available, which will contribute significantly to making this gift affordable.

5. Get Creative with Presentation

Now that you’ve booked your loved one’s dream vacation, it’s time for presentation!

You can get creative with how you present your gift by using props like beach towels, sunglasses, or even a small cruise ship model. You can also create a fun scavenger hunt with clues leading to the final surprise: the cruise tickets.

6. Add Some Extras

Make the cruise gift even more special by adding some extras like spa treatments, shore excursions, or a special dinner reservation. You can purchase these extras as add-ons when booking the cruise.

  • Spa Treatments: Treat your loved one to a relaxing massage or facial at the onboard spa.
  • Shore Excursions: Arrange for your loved one to experience some of the top attractions and activities at each port of call.
  • Special Dinner Reservation: Book a table at one of the specialty restaurants onboard, where your loved one can enjoy an intimate dining experience and indulge in gourmet cuisine.

Giving a cruise as a Christmas gift is an excellent way to show your loved ones how much you care and create memories that will last a lifetime. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to giving the perfect gift this holiday season!