How Do You Increase Population in Age of Empires Rise of Rome?

By Anna Duncan

Age of Empires: Rise of Rome is a classic strategy game that allows players to build and expand their ancient civilizations. One key aspect of the game is managing your population, which directly impacts your ability to grow and conquer. In this article, we will explore various strategies to increase your population in Age of Empires: Rise of Rome.

1. Build Houses

Houses are essential structures that provide housing for your population.

To increase your population limit, it is crucial to build an adequate number of houses. Make sure you have enough resources to construct houses, and place them strategically near resource-rich areas or close to military units for defense.

2. Improve Your Economy

A strong economy is vital for sustaining a growing population.

Focus on gathering resources efficiently by constructing farms, lumber camps, mining camps, and storage pits. These buildings will ensure a steady supply of food, wood, gold, and stone.

a) Farms:

Farms are essential for producing food. Build farms near fertile land or rivers to maximize food production. Upgrade your farms over time to increase their efficiency and yield.

b) Lumber Camps:

Lumber camps are necessary for gathering wood, a crucial resource for constructing buildings and units. Place lumber camps near dense forests and make sure you have enough workers assigned to them.

c) Mining Camps:

Mining camps allow you to gather stone and gold. Locate mining camps near stone mines or gold mines respectively, ensuring a constant supply of these valuable resources.

d) Storage Pits:

Storage pits act as warehouses for your resources. Build storage pits near resource-gathering sites to reduce the time taken for workers to deposit resources. Upgrading storage pits increases their capacity, allowing you to stockpile more resources.

3. Train More Villagers

Villagers are the backbone of your civilization, responsible for gathering resources, constructing buildings, and researching technologies. Increasing the number of villagers will not only boost your economy but also provide more workforce for various tasks.

4. Research Technologies

Technologies play a vital role in enhancing your civilization’s capabilities.

Researching technologies related to population growth can significantly increase your population limit. Look for technologies that specifically mention population or housing capacity improvements.

5. Construct Storage Pits Near Resources

In addition to storing resources, storage pits near resource-gathering sites can increase the efficiency of your workers by reducing their travel time. This allows them to gather more resources in less time and boosts overall productivity.

6. Capture Town Centers and Wonders

Capturing enemy town centers or wonders can grant you additional population slots. Make sure to scout the map and seize these valuable structures when possible.

  • Town Centers: Capture enemy town centers by destroying all defending units and structures around them.
  • Wonders: Wonders are unique structures that provide significant bonuses. Capturing wonders grants additional population slots along with other benefits.

In Conclusion

To increase your population in Age of Empires: Rise of Rome, focus on building houses, improving your economy, training more villagers, researching population-related technologies, constructing storage pits near resources, and capturing town centers and wonders. By implementing these strategies effectively, you can expand your civilization and dominate the ancient world!