How Do You Iron Your Clothes on a Cruise Ship?

By Anna Duncan

When going on a cruise, many of us may not think of the prospect of having to iron our clothes while aboard. But if you want to look your best on the ship, or even just maintain a neat appearance onshore during excursions, it is important to know how to iron your garments correctly.

Ironing Supplies

The first thing you must do is make sure you have all the supplies necessary for ironing. You will need an iron and an ironing board, which can be found in most cruise cabins.

If you have forgotten yours at home, they are also available for purchase in the ship’s store. Additionally, it is important to use a pressing cloth between the fabric and the hot plate of the iron to prevent scorching or damaging your clothing.

Preparing Your Clothes

Before you begin to iron, make sure that all buttons are fastened and that any zippers are closed. This will prevent them from becoming singed or sticking together as they come into contact with the hot plate of the iron.

It is also important that all creases are removed from your clothing before being placed onto the board for pressing. If a piece of fabric has been folded for storage purposes, it is best to leave it out until it has returned to its natural shape before commencing with any sort of pressing action.

Selecting Appropriate Heat Settings

When selecting a heat setting on your iron, always refer to labels containing washing instructions found inside each garment where applicable. Generally speaking, wools and cottons require higher temperatures than synthetics such as polyester and nylon due their lower melting points and greater ability to retain heat-induced damage over time. It is therefore preferable that these items are set at no more than medium heat when being pressed with an iron aboard ship.

Ironing Techniques

Once you have selected an appropriate temperature setting for your garment, begin by placing it onto the board with its inside facing up (the side which will be touching your skin). It is then recommended that you start from the highest area on each item such as collars or pockets and work downwards towards more delicate sections such as hemlines and cuffs until everything has been properly pressed according to preference.


Ironing clothes whilst at sea can seem daunting but when done correctly can ensure that we look our best throughout our cruise holiday! By following these simple tips – ensuring one has all necessary supplies; preparing garments accordingly; selecting appropriate heat settings; and using correct techniques – one should have no problem mastering this chore while on board!