How Do You Raise Imperium in Rome 2?

By Robert Palmer

Rome 2: Total War is a highly immersive strategy game that allows players to shape the destiny of ancient Rome. One crucial aspect of the game is raising Imperium. Imperium represents the level of power and authority a faction possesses, and increasing it can have significant benefits in terms of military capabilities, diplomacy, and overall influence.

Understanding Imperium

Imperium is divided into several levels, each granting different advantages to the player. As you progress through the game, you’ll have the opportunity to raise your faction’s Imperium level by fulfilling certain conditions.

Factors Influencing Imperium

There are several factors that influence your faction’s Imperium level:

  • Territory: The more regions you control, the higher your Imperium level can be.
  • Prestige: A high level of prestige earned through military victories and successful campaigns will increase your faction’s Imperium.
  • Technology: Advancing in technology trees will not only enhance your faction’s abilities but also contribute to raising your Imperium.
  • Diplomacy: Forming alliances, establishing trade routes, and maintaining good relationships with other factions can boost your Imperium.

Raising Your Faction’s Imperium Level

To raise your faction’s Imperium level in Rome 2: Total War, you need to focus on the following strategies:

Expand Your Territory

The more regions you control, the greater potential for raising your Imperium. Aim to conquer new territories by carefully planning military campaigns and employing diplomatic tactics when necessary. Remember that capturing key cities and strategic locations can significantly impact your overall power.

Achieve Military Success

Military victories and successful campaigns contribute to your faction’s prestige, which in turn increases your Imperium. Train strong armies, utilize effective tactics on the battlefield, and conquer your enemies to earn glory and raise your Imperium level.

Invest in Technology

Advancing in technology trees is crucial for the growth of your faction. Research new technologies that enhance military capabilities, improve infrastructure, or unlock diplomatic options. As you progress technologically, your Imperium level will also rise.

Cultivate Diplomatic Relations

Forge alliances, establish trade routes, and engage in diplomacy with other factions. Maintaining positive relationships can lead to benefits such as increased trade income or military support. These actions contribute to raising your Imperium level.

The Benefits of Higher Imperium

Raising your faction’s Imperium level comes with several benefits:

  • Military: Higher Imperium allows you to recruit more armies and field larger forces.
  • Diplomacy: Your increased power and influence make diplomatic negotiations more favorable.
  • Economy: Higher Imperium can lead to increased tax revenue from controlled regions.
  • Prestige: A high-level Imperium boosts your faction’s prestige among other factions.

In conclusion, raising Imperium in Rome 2: Total War is a multifaceted process that requires a balanced approach of expanding territory, achieving military success, investing in technology, and cultivating diplomatic relations. By strategically focusing on these aspects, you can increase your faction’s power and authority, ultimately shaping the destiny of ancient Rome.