How Do You Stop Secession in Rome 2?

By Robert Palmer

How Do You Stop Secession in Rome 2?

Secession is a common challenge faced by players in Rome 2: Total War. It can have a significant impact on your campaign, causing instability and potentially leading to the loss of valuable territories. In this guide, we will explore effective strategies to prevent secession and maintain control over your empire.

The Importance of Public Order

Public order plays a vital role in preventing secession. It reflects the overall happiness and loyalty of your provinces’ inhabitants. To maintain a stable empire, it is crucial to keep public order high.

Building Upgrades

One way to improve public order is through building upgrades. Certain buildings, such as temples and law courts, provide bonuses to public order. Focus on constructing these buildings in provinces where unrest is high.

Governors and Agents

Appointing governors with high authority can also help stabilize provinces. Governors provide passive bonuses to public order, making them an essential asset in preventing secession. Additionally, agents like spies and champions can perform actions that decrease unrest or increase loyalty in specific regions.

Military Presence

A strong military presence can deter rebellions and maintain control over your provinces. Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Garrison Forces: Stationing garrison forces in troubled regions can help suppress unrest and prevent rebellions.
  • Military Buildings: Construct military buildings that provide recruitment slots for units within problematic provinces. This allows you to quickly suppress any rebellion that may arise.
  • Avoid Overextension: Expand your empire gradually and avoid stretching your forces too thin across vast territories. Focusing on consolidating your control will make it easier to prevent secession.

Political Maneuvering

Political actions and diplomacy can also play a significant role in preventing secession:

  • Alliances and Treaties: Forge alliances with other factions to secure their support and deter rebellions. Mutual military access and defensive alliances can provide additional protection.
  • Influence Actions: Use your faction’s influence to sway other factions towards supporting your cause.

    This can be done by offering gifts, exchanging hostages, or arranging marriages.

  • Bribery and Subversion: If a province is particularly prone to secession, consider using agents or champions to bribe or subvert key characters within the region. This can undermine rebel movements from within.

Economic Stability

A stable economy is crucial in maintaining control over your empire. Here are some economic strategies to prevent secession:

  • Taxation: Adjust tax rates based on the public order of each province. Higher tax rates may generate more income but can also lead to unrest.
  • Economic Buildings: Construct economic buildings that provide income bonuses, such as marketplaces and trade ports.

    This will help bolster your financial stability.

  • Trade Agreements: Establish trade agreements with other factions to boost your income and improve diplomatic relations. A strong economy contributes to overall stability.

In conclusion, preventing secession in Rome 2 requires a comprehensive strategy encompassing public order management, military presence, political maneuvering, and economic stability. By implementing these strategies effectively, you can maintain control over your empire and secure a prosperous future.