How Do You Wash Yourself While Backpacking?

By Robert Palmer

Backpacking is an exciting way to explore the world, but you don’t have access to a lot of amenities. That means, when it comes to washing yourself, you need to get creative. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can stay clean and fresh on the go.

Using Natural Sources: One of the best ways to stay clean while backpacking is to use natural elements. If there’s a river nearby, you can use it as a shower by taking off your clothes and Dunking yourself into the water.

You can also make use of natural soaps like Dr Bronner’s Castile soap or mud soaps that are made with clay, herbs, and essential oils. This way you can stay clean without polluting local water sources.

Using Portable Showers: For those who don’t want to take a dip in nature, portable showers are available that allow you to bring your own shower with you wherever you go. These showers come in all shapes and sizes and they use different types of fuel such as propane or solar energy. They usually come with adjustable heads that allow you to adjust the pressure and temperature for a more comfortable shower experience.

Using Baby Wipes: Baby wipes are great for getting rid of dirt and sweat in between washes. They’re lightweight and easy to carry with you in your pack so they’re perfect for backpacking trips when access to showers is limited.

Just be sure to dispose of them responsibly after using them.

Conclusion: Washing yourself while backpacking doesn’t have to be complicated or uncomfortable if done right. By making use of natural resources such as rivers or solar-powered showers, as well as baby wipes for touch-ups in between washes, it’s possible to remain fresh and clean throughout your journey.