How Expensive Is Backpacking Nepal?

By Alice Nichols

Backpacking Nepal is an excellent way to explore the country and its many wonders. It offers unparalleled opportunities to experience the rich culture, stunning landscapes, and awe-inspiring mountain vistas that make this country so special. But before you embark on your backpacking adventure, it is important to consider the cost of your trip and make sure you budget accordingly.

The cost of backpacking in Nepal depends largely on the duration of your trip, as well as the type of accommodation you choose. Generally speaking, budget accommodation such as hostels and guesthouses can be found for around $15-20 per night, while mid-range hotels typically cost around $30-50 per night. For those looking for a more luxurious experience, there are plenty of high-end resorts and lodges available at a premium price.

Your other expenses will depend on how much you plan to spend eating out, shopping for souvenirs, or engaging in activities such as trekking or rafting. Eating out in Nepal is very affordable — with meals costing just a few dollars — although prices can vary significantly depending on where you go. Shopping for souvenirs can also be relatively inexpensive if you stick to local markets rather than tourist traps.

Transportation costs largely depend on whether you plan to travel by bus or plane. Bus travel is by far the cheapest option — with fares typically ranging from just a few dollars up to around $20 depending on the distance traveled — but it can be time consuming due to long wait times and winding roads. Flights between major cities in Nepal are quite affordable too; domestic flights usually cost around $50-$100 per person.


Overall, backpacking in Nepal is an incredibly affordable endeavor that allows travelers to explore its beauty without breaking the bank. Accommodation costs range from very budget friendly options up to high-end luxury while eating out and transportation are also relatively inexpensive. With careful planning and smart budgeting, anyone can have an unforgettable adventure in this beautiful country without spending too much.