How Large Is a Cruise Ship Crew?

By Michael Ferguson

Cruise ships are one of the most popular vacationing options these days. They offer a unique experience, taking passengers to different ports of call, while also providing a variety of onboard entertainment and amenities.

But what many people don’t realize is that it takes a large crew to keep a cruise ship running smoothly.

The size of the crew depends on the size and type of cruise ship. Smaller vessels may have a crew of 20-30 people, while larger ships can have up to 2,000 or more crew members.

These numbers can vary depending on the length of the voyage and the number of passengers onboard.

Cruise ship crews are made up of many different people with specialized roles, such as officers, engineers, deck hands, housekeeping staff and hospitality staff. Officers are responsible for steering the ship and making sure it’s running safely.

Engineers maintain all the mechanical systems on board and make sure they’re in working order. Deck hands maintain the exterior areas of the ship and handle tasks like mooring and loading cargo. Housekeeping staff clean cabins, public areas and laundries while hospitality staff serve food and beverages to passengers.

Cruise ships also need medical personnel onboard in case there’s an emergency at sea or if someone becomes ill or injured during their voyage. In addition to medical personnel, there are also security personnel who make sure everyone is safe onboard.


The size of a cruise ship crew can vary greatly depending on factors like size, type and length of voyage. Smaller ships may have 20-30 personnel while larger ones can have up to 2,000 or more crew members consisting of officers, engineers, deck hands, housekeeping staff and hospitality staff as well as medical personnel for emergencies at sea or illness/injury during voyages.