How Long Did the Orient Express Take From Istanbul to Paris?

By Michael Ferguson

The Orient Express was a luxurious and iconic train that operated between Istanbul and Paris from 1883 to 1977. This train journey was considered one of the most scenic and romantic routes in the world, taking passengers through beautiful landscapes and historic cities.

But how long did it actually take to travel from Istanbul to Paris on the Orient Express? Let’s find out.

The Route

The original route of the Orient Express started in Istanbul, Turkey, and went through several countries including Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, and finally ended in Paris, France. The journey covered a distance of approximately 3,100 kilometers (1,926 miles) and took passengers through some of Europe’s most breathtaking scenery.

The Duration

The duration of the journey on the Orient Express varied over the years depending on factors such as weather conditions and political situations. However, on average, it took about three days to travel from Istanbul to Paris on this luxurious train.

Stops Along The Way

The Orient Express made several stops along the way where passengers could get off and explore different cities. Some of the popular stops included:

  • Bucharest – The capital city of Romania known for its stunning architecture.
  • Budapest – The capital city of Hungary known for its rich history and thermal baths.
  • Vienna – The capital city of Austria known for its music scene and beautiful palaces.
  • Strasbourg – A beautiful city in France known for its Gothic cathedral.

The Experience On Board

The experience on board the Orient Express was nothing short of luxurious. Passengers were treated like royalty with top-notch service and amenities such as fine dining restaurants, comfortable sleeping compartments with plush beds, elegant lounges with live music, and even a bar car where passengers could enjoy drinks and socialize with fellow travelers.

The End Of An Era

Sadly, the Orient Express service came to an end in 1977 due to declining demand and increased competition from airplanes. However, the legacy of this iconic train lives on, with several luxury train services around the world now offering similar experiences.


In conclusion, the Orient Express was not only a means of transportation but also a symbol of luxury and adventure. The journey from Istanbul to Paris took approximately three days and covered a distance of 3,100 kilometers.

Along the way, passengers could explore some of Europe’s most beautiful cities and enjoy top-notch service on board the train. Though it is no longer in operation, the Orient Express remains an unforgettable part of travel history.