How Long Does It Take a Cruise Ship to Get From Los Angeles to Hawaii?

By Anna Duncan

Cruising from Los Angeles to Hawaii is a fantastic way to enjoy the islands and the sights along the way. It’s also a great way to save money if you’re traveling with friends or family, as cruises are generally much cheaper than airfare. But how long does it take?

Cruise Length

The length of your cruise will depend on which route you take and the type of ship you are traveling on, but most cruises from Los Angeles to Hawaii take about 7-10 days. There are longer cruises that go up to 14 days, but these usually involve more stops or longer port stays.

Time at Sea

A typical cruise will spend 4-5 days at sea, with the majority of that time spent crossing the Pacific Ocean. The other days will be spent in port, enjoying all that Hawaii has to offer. The number of ports visited depends on the cruise line and itinerary you choose, but some popular destinations include Honolulu, Hilo, Kona, and Kauai.

Speed of Cruise Ships

Most modern cruise ships can reach speeds up to 22 knots (about 25 mph), so it takes about 4 days to travel across the ocean from Los Angeles to Hawaii. Of course, this can vary depending on the weather conditions and how many stops are made along the way.


In conclusion, a typical cruise from Los Angeles to Hawaii takes about 7-10 days depending on which route you choose and what type of ship you are traveling on. Most of that time is spent at sea; however there is plenty of time for sightseeing in ports along the way as well as enjoying all that Hawaii has to offer when you arrive.