How Long Does It Take to Get a Job on a Cruise Ship?

By Michael Ferguson

For those looking to work their way around the world, cruise ships offer an exciting opportunity. From bartenders to dancers and everything in between, cruise ship jobs are a great way to make money and explore exotic ports of call. But how long does it take to get a job on a cruise ship?

The process of getting a job on a cruise ship can vary depending on the company and the position. Generally speaking, applicants should expect the entire process to take between two and six months. The first step is submitting an application, which can be done online or in person at one of the many recruitment agencies that specialize in placing candidates with cruise lines.

Once an application has been received, applicants may be asked to complete additional forms and submit supporting documents such as references, medical certificates, and criminal background checks. Depending on the job requirements, some positions may also require additional certifications or training.

After all of the paperwork has been completed and submitted, it typically takes between two weeks to two months for recruiters to review applications and contact potential candidates for interviews. Depending on the company’s recruiting policies, interviews may be conducted via video chat or in person at one of their recruitment centers.

If a candidate is selected for a position following an interview, they may be required to attend additional training sessions before being officially hired. This could involve anything from onboarding classes to safety drills or even language classes depending on the job requirements.


The process of getting a job on a cruise ship can take anywhere from two weeks to six months depending on the company and position. Applicants should expect to submit paperwork including references, medical certificates, criminal background checks as well as attend interviews and training sessions once they have been selected for a position.