How Long Does It Take to Get to Alaska From Seattle by Cruise Ship?

By Anna Duncan

Alaska is one of the most popular and beautiful destinations in the world. It offers scenery, wildlife and experiences that can’t be found anywhere else, making it an ideal vacation spot for travelers. But how long does it take to get there from Seattle by cruise ship?

Cruise ships are the most popular way to get to Alaska from Seattle. Depending on which cruise line you choose, a typical cruise will take anywhere from seven to ten days. A longer cruise that takes more than ten days is also available.

The itineraries vary from ship to ship, but some of the highlights you can expect to see along the way include the Inside Passage, Glacier Bay National Park, Juneau and Ketchikan. These stops offer plenty of opportunities for sightseeing, whale watching and other outdoor activities.

In addition to your travel time, you’ll also need to factor in two additional days at either end of your trip for boarding and disembarking the ship. This makes the total round-trip travel time nine or twelve days depending on whether you choose a seven or ten-day cruise.

For those who want an even longer trip, there are two-week cruises that include stops in both British Columbia and Alaska. These trips typically include stops in Vancouver and Victoria in Canada as well as several ports in Alaska such as Skagway, Sitka and Anchorage. This type of trip offers more time for sightseeing and exploration than a shorter seven or ten-day cruise would allow.

No matter which type of cruise you choose, sailing from Seattle to Alaska is an amazing experience that you won’t soon forget. The scenery is stunning, the wildlife abundant and the people friendly – all making for a memorable adventure!

In conclusion, it takes approximately nine or twelve days to get from Seattle to Alaska by cruise ship depending on whether you choose a seven or ten-day itinerary respectively. For those looking for an even longer trip with more opportunities for exploration there are two-week cruises available as well.