How Long Is the Anchor Chain on a Cruise Ship?

By Michael Ferguson

The anchor chain on a cruise ship can be quite long, depending on the size of the ship. On smaller ships, the anchor chain may be as short as around 60 feet, while larger ships may have an anchor chain that is over 200 feet long.

The length of the anchor chain is determined by several factors, such as the size of the vessel, and how deeply it needs to be anchored in order for it to remain secure. The larger and heavier a vessel is, the longer its anchor chain must be in order to keep it from drifting or pulling out of place.

In addition to the length of the anchor chain, other components must be taken into consideration when anchoring a cruise ship. This includes the type and size of the anchors used, as well as their anchorage capacity. Furthermore, if a vessel is larger than usual or if it carries heavier cargo than normal, additional anchors might need to be deployed in order to provide extra stability.

The weight of an anchor chain also varies according to its length.

A longer chain will generally weigh more than a shorter one. This means that vessels with longer anchor chains need stronger winches and mooring lines in order to handle their extra weight.

For safety reasons, cruise ships must ensure that their anchors are properly secured at all times. This means that they must use enough length of chain to ensure that they remain firmly anchored even during strong winds or rough seas. Most ships also have extra lengths of spare chain onboard which can be deployed if needed.


The length of an anchor chain on a cruise ship can vary significantly depending on the size and weight of the vessel, as well as its intended mooring conditions. Smaller vessels may only require around 60 feet of chain, while large vessels may need more than 200 feet. The type and number of anchors used will also affect how much length is required for proper anchoring.