How Long Should a Beginner Backpacking Trip Be?

By Robert Palmer

Backpacking is an incredible way to explore the outdoors, reconnect with nature and make unforgettable memories. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there’s no denying the thrill of a backpacking trip.

But for those new to backpacking, it can be intimidating to know where to start. One of the most common questions amongst beginners is ‘how long should my first backpacking trip be?’

Generally speaking, the length of your first backpacking trip largely depends on how much time you have available, as well as your individual experience and fitness level. If you’re just starting out and want something relatively easy and manageable, then plan for a short trip like a few days or overnight. This will give you enough time to get familiar with camping in the wilderness and also gain valuable experience for future trips.

On the other hand, if you have more time available or consider yourself someone with an above-average level of physical fitness, then planning for a multi-day excursion could be ideal. This will allow you to venture further into remote areas and get lost in nature in ways that simply cannot be experienced in just one night.

Regardless of how much time you decide to spend on your first backpacking trip, it’s important that you plan accordingly. Make sure that you are well-prepared with all the necessary supplies such as food, water, shelter and clothing before heading out into the wilderness. Additionally, make sure that someone knows where you are going so they can come looking if something goes wrong.

In conclusion, how long your first backpacking trip should be really depends on your individual circumstances such as experience level and amount of time available. If possible, it’s recommended that beginners plan an overnight or multi-day adventure depending on their own capabilities and fitness levels – though regardless of length it is imperative that they plan accordingly before heading out into the great outdoors!