How Many Decks Does a Carnival Cruise Ship Have?

By Michael Ferguson

A Carnival Cruise Ship is a large cruise ship filled with amenities and activities for travelers. The number of decks on a Carnival Cruise Ship will vary, depending on the particular type of vessel and its size.

Most Carnival Cruise Ships have between 12 and 15 decks, with some larger vessels reaching up to 20 decks. Each deck offers something different for passengers, from entertainment venues to restaurants and bars, to swimming pools and hot tubs.

The sizes of Carnival Cruise Ships range from 3,000-guest vessels to 5,000-guest vessels. The number of decks each vessel has will depend on the size of the vessel; the larger the vessel is, the more decks it will have. Additionally, some vessels are built with an additional deck that is not open to passengers but serves as an engineering space for crew members only.

Carnival Cruise Ships often feature different types of cabins located throughout their various decks. Cabins can range from interior cabins with no windows to oceanview cabins with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer expansive views outdoors. Suite accommodations are also available on many ships, offering guests extra amenities such as private balconies or access to exclusive lounges.

On top of the cabins and suite accommodations aboard Carnival Cruises, each deck typically features its own unique set of activities for guests. Entertainment venues such as casinos and comedy clubs are usually located on one or two decks, while swimming pools and hot tubs are generally located at higher levels near the main pool area.

Upper Decks

Additional amenities can be found on upper levels of many Carnival Cruise Ships. These upper levels typically include observation areas where passengers can take in sweeping views from their ship’s deck, as well as outdoor sports courts for playing basketball or volleyball.


Overall, how many decks a Carnival Cruise Ship has will depend on its size and type; most ships have between 12-15 decks but larger vessels may have up to 20. Each deck offers something different for passengers in terms of cabins or entertainment venues such as casinos or comedy clubs. Upper levels provide additional amenities such as observation areas and outdoor sports courts.