How Many Episodes of Cruise Ship Killers Are There?

By Anna Duncan

Cruise Ship Killers is a gripping docuseries that shines a light on the dark side of the high seas. The series follows some of the world’s most notorious cruise ship killers who have taken advantage of the anonymity and lawlessness of the open ocean to commit their crimes. It examines their motivations, how they were able to elude capture, and how their victims’ families are still trying to find justice.

The series is narrated by renowned crime journalist Donal MacIntyre and features interviews with family members, friends, and law enforcement officers who have been involved in or affected by these cases.

Cruise Ship Killers features footage from inside police interrogation rooms, courtrooms, and prisons around the world as well as re-enactments of key events to bring each story to life.

The four-part series begins with an investigation into what happened when a young British tourist went missing on board a Mediterranean cruise in 2008. From there, viewers are taken on a journey through some of history’s most notorious cruise ship killers, including a Canadian serial killer who murdered three women onboard separate cruises in the late 1990s and an American man who killed two passengers while on an Alaskan cruise.

The series also examines more recent cases such as a French woman accused of killing her husband while on board a Caribbean cruise in 2018 and an Australian couple accused of murdering their cabin mate while sailing the South Pacific in 2019.

How many episodes of Cruise Ship Killers are there?

Cruise Ship Killers is a four-part series that aired on Investigation Discovery in 2020. Each episode runs for an hour and follows different cases involving people accused or convicted of murder onboard cruise ships from around the world.


Cruise Ship Killers is an engrossing docuseries that investigates some of history’s most notorious cruise ship killers. The four-part series aired on Investigation Discovery in 2020 and featured interviews with family members, law enforcement officers, re-enactments, and footage from police interrogation rooms and courtrooms around the world.