How Many HR Managers Are There in a Cruise Ship?

By Anna Duncan

Cruise ships employ a wide variety of staff, and Human Resources (HR) Managers are an important part of this team. HR Managers are responsible for recruiting and training new staff, resolving any personnel issues that arise, and ensuring that the ship’s policies and procedures are followed. They also act as a liaison between the cruise line’s management team and the ship’s employees.

The number of HR Managers on board a cruise ship will depend on its size, as larger ships usually require more staff to oversee the crew. Generally speaking, it is typical for a large cruise ship to have two or three HR Managers onboard. These managers may be responsible for different departments or areas of the ship, such as food and beverage or entertainment, or they may work together to oversee all staff onboard.

In addition to HR Managers, some cruise lines also employ Human Resources Officers who assist in the recruitment process by screening potential applicants for positions onboard. These officers may also be responsible for organizing training programs for new employees and ensuring that all policies are being followed on board.

The HR Manager is an important part of any successful cruise line. They ensure that all staff is well-trained and prepared to provide exceptional service to passengers every day. With their help, cruise lines can ensure that their passengers have an enjoyable experience while they’re onboard and maintain a safe working environment for their staff.


In general, there are typically two or three HR Managers on board a large cruise ship. However, some cruise lines may employ additional Human Resources Officers who assist in recruitment and training processes. The HR team plays an important role in keeping passengers safe while providing them with quality service during their stay aboard the vessel.