How Many Passengers Does the Disney Dream Cruise Ship Hold?

By Anna Duncan

The Disney Dream Cruise Ship is an impressive vessel that has been delivering families unforgettable experiences since 2011. With its luxurious accommodations, immersive entertainment, and extensive amenities, the Disney Dream is a popular choice among cruise-goers.

But how many passengers can the ship actually hold?

The Disney Dream Cruise Ship has a total guest capacity of 4,000. This includes 3,046 staterooms and 1,254 crew members who work to ensure that guests have the best possible experience onboard.

The ship also boasts 14 public decks with a variety of exciting activities and attractions for guests to enjoy.

The vessel is divided into two distinct sections: the Promenade Deck and the Verandah Deck. On the Promenade Deck, guests can find a range of restaurants and lounges as well as shopping opportunities in boutiques like Mickey’s Mainsail and White Caps Jewelers. The Verandah Deck offers guests spectacular views of the sea from their private balconies as well as access to swimming pools, hot tubs, mini-golf courses, kids’ clubs and more.

In addition to its impressive guest capacity of 4,000 individuals, the Disney Dream also has room for 2 lifeboats with a combined capacity of 839 people. Each lifeboat is fully equipped with emergency medical supplies and enough food rations to last four days at sea. This ensures that every passenger onboard remains safe should an unexpected emergency arise.


The Disney Dream Cruise Ship can comfortably accommodate up to 4,000 passengers plus 839 more in two lifeboats for emergencies; making it one of the most luxurious cruise ships on the market today! With its extensive amenities and recreation options there’s something for everyone aboard this magnificent vessel.