How Many Players Is Ryse: Son of Rome Multiplayer?

By Alice Nichols

Ryse: Son of Rome is an action-adventure game developed by Crytek and released in 2013. It features a gripping single-player campaign that follows the journey of the Roman soldier Marius Titus. However, what sets Ryse: Son of Rome apart from other games is its immersive multiplayer mode that allows players to engage in epic battles with their friends or other players online.

How Many Players Can Play Ryse: Son of Rome Multiplayer?

Ryse: Son of Rome’s multiplayer mode supports a maximum of two players. This means you can team up with a friend or join forces with another player online to take on the challenges together.

The Co-op Gladiator Mode

In Ryse: Son of Rome, the multiplayer experience revolves around the Co-op Gladiator Mode. This mode allows players to step into the shoes of gladiators and face waves of enemies in a variety of arenas.


The Co-op Gladiator Mode delivers intense and fast-paced combat scenarios where teamwork is key. Working together with your partner, you must survive increasingly difficult waves of enemies while earning points and striving for high scores.

  • Combat: The combat mechanics in Ryse: Son of Rome’s multiplayer are similar to those in the single-player campaign. You can unleash powerful attacks, block incoming strikes, and perform brutal executions to dispatch your foes.
  • Execution Chains: By chaining executions together with your partner, you can earn bonus points and enhance your score multiplier.

    Strategically coordinating your actions will allow you to achieve higher scores and climb up the leaderboards.

  • Arena Variety: The Co-op Gladiator Mode offers multiple arenas, each with its own unique challenges and enemy types. From the grand Colosseum to the treacherous forests of Britannia, you and your partner will face a wide range of adversaries in stunning environments.

Progression and Rewards

Your performance in the Co-op Gladiator Mode is rewarded with experience points (XP) and gold. XP allows you to level up and unlock new equipment, while gold can be used to purchase upgrades, weapons, and armor.

Additionally, Ryse: Son of Rome features a deep customization system that allows you to personalize your gladiator’s appearance. From helmets to armor sets, there are numerous options available to make your character stand out on the battlefield.


Ryse: Son of Rome’s multiplayer mode offers an exciting co-op experience for up to two players. With its intense combat mechanics, diverse arenas, and rewarding progression system, it provides hours of thrilling gameplay. So gather your friends or dive into the online community and embark on an epic journey as a Roman gladiator!