How Much Do Chefs Make on a Cruise Ship?

By Robert Palmer

The salary of a chef on a cruise ship is an important factor in deciding whether the job is worth pursuing. Cruise ships are known for offering their employees competitive salaries, and this is especially true for chefs. Working on a cruise ship kitchen is much more than just cooking – it requires skill and dedication to ensure that passengers have an enjoyable experience.

Chefs on cruise ships typically make around $2000-4000 per month. This number can vary based on the size of the ship, the type of cuisine being served, and the chef’s experience level.

Chefs who specialize in certain types of cuisine might be able to command higher salaries than others. To become a chef on a cruise ship, it is important to have prior culinary experience and knowledge of food safety regulations.

In addition to salary, most chefs working on cruise ships also receive benefits such as free meals while they are working and discounts on airfares when they travel to their destination ports. They also have access to medical insurance, vacation time, and other perks that come with working on a ship.

Although the salary of a chef on a cruise ship may not seem like much compared to those working in restaurants or other foodservice establishments, they make up for it with their unique experiences. For chefs who are passionate about travel and exploring new cultures, working as a chef aboard a cruise ship can be an incredibly rewarding career.


The salary for chefs working aboard cruise ships can vary depending on factors such as the size of the ship, type of cuisine being served, and experience level. However, most chefs earn between $2000-4000 per month plus benefits like free meals while working and discounts when travelling from destination ports. Working as a chef aboard a cruise ship can be an exciting career choice for those looking for adventure and cultural experiences.