How Much Do Cruise Ship Workers Make an Hour?

By Robert Palmer

Cruise ship workers are the backbone of the cruise industry, providing a wide array of services to guests, from serving meals to providing entertainment and cleaning cabins. But one question often asked is how much do cruise ship workers make an hour?

The answer can vary depending on the role and experience of the worker in question. For entry-level positions, wages tend to be slightly higher than minimum wage but still relatively low in comparison with other industries.

According to Sea Career, a jobsite for maritime professionals, the average wages for crew members on-board a cruise ship start at around US$700 per month. This includes positions such as housekeepers, waiters, and assistant cooks.

As you move up in seniority on board a cruise ship, wages increase significantly. Senior officers such as captains or first officers can earn between US$5 000 and US$8 000 per month depending on their experience and rank. The highest paid positions include tour managers and casino managers who can earn up to US$10 000 per month or more.

In terms of hourly wages, it is difficult to generalize as many workers are paid based on contracts or monthly salaries rather than an hourly rate. However, some jobs such as bartenders may be paid an hourly rate which could range anywhere between US$2 and US$10 an hour depending on their experience level and the role they are performing.

In addition to wages, many cruise ships offer other benefits including free accommodation, meals and uniforms which can significantly reduce living expenses while working at sea. They may also receive tips from passengers which can boost their overall earnings significantly over time.

In summary, how much do cruise ship workers make an hour? It varies greatly depending on the position held onboard but most entry-level jobs tend to pay slightly above minimum wage with more experienced roles offering much higher salaries in return for greater responsibility.

Conclusion: Cruise ship workers generally earn slightly above minimum wage for entry-level positions but these salaries increase significantly for more experienced roles with senior officers earning up to $8 000 or more per month in some cases. Many workers also receive additional benefits such as free meals and accommodation as well as tips from passengers which can supplement their income further.