How Much Does a Captain of a Carnival Cruise Ship Make?

By Michael Ferguson

The job of captain of a Carnival Cruise Ship is one of the most desirable positions in the maritime industry. As the highest-ranking officer on board, the captain is ultimately responsible for the crew, passengers, and vessel itself. The salary of a Carnival Cruise Ship captain can vary significantly depending on factors such as experience, size of the ship, and length of the contract.

The average annual salary for a Carnival Cruise Ship captain is reported to be around $100,000. This figure includes bonuses and other forms of compensation such as housing allowance or meals allowance.

The amount can vary greatly depending on several factors. For example, captains with extensive experience and expertise may earn higher salaries than those who are just starting out in their careers.

The size and type of vessel also play an important role in determining a captain’s salary. Captains who work on larger vessels tend to make more money due to their increased responsibility and skill level. Captains who are assigned to smaller vessels may earn less but still be able to enjoy the same benefits as captains on larger ships.

In addition to base salary, captains may receive additional compensation from various sources. For example, Carnival Cruise Lines offers an incentive program that rewards captains for meeting certain milestones or performance goals. This incentive program can add up to thousands of dollars extra each year.

The job of a cruise ship captain is demanding but also rewarding. Those who are capable and willing to put in the hard work required will be handsomely rewarded with a very lucrative salary package.


The salary of a Carnival Cruise Ship captain can range from $100,000 per year up to several hundred thousand dollars per year depending on factors such as experience, size of the ship, length of contract, and incentives offered by Carnival Cruise Line. Those who are willing to put in hard work will find this job highly rewarding.