How Much Does a Cruise Ship Casino Manager Make?

By Anna Duncan

Cruise ship casinos have become a popular destination for gamblers from all over the world, and with that popularity comes an increased demand for experienced and professional casino managers. Cruise ship casino managers are responsible for overseeing all aspects of the casino’s operations, from staffing to compliance with gaming regulations. As such, they are highly sought after by cruise lines and other gaming companies.

The salary of a cruise ship casino manager can vary greatly depending on the experience and qualifications of the individual. Entry-level positions usually pay between $60,000 and $70,000 annually, while more experienced managers can expect to earn in excess of $100,000 per year. Those who rise to the position of head manager can earn even more; salaries of up to $200,000 per year are not uncommon.

In addition to their salary, cruise ship casino managers also receive a variety of benefits. These may include pension plans, medical insurance plans and paid vacation days.

Managers may also be eligible for bonuses based on their performance or that of their team. The exact benefits available will depend on the cruise line or gaming company that employs them.

Cruise ship casino managers also enjoy considerable job security due to the fact that there is always demand for experienced staff in this field. These positions tend to be highly sought after and competition for them is often fierce; those who do manage to secure a position are likely to stay in it for many years.

Becoming a cruise ship casino manager requires strong leadership skills as well as extensive knowledge of gambling regulations in various jurisdictions around the world. Candidates must also possess excellent communication abilities and be able to work well with staff at all levels within a gaming establishment.


In conclusion, the salary for a cruise ship casino manager can range from $60,000 up to $200,000 or higher depending on experience and qualifications; benefits such as pension plans and medical insurance are often part of an employment package; and strong leadership skills as well as knowledge of gambling regulations are essential qualities for anyone considering entering this profession.