How Much Does a Cruise Ship Performer Make?

By Alice Nichols

Becoming a cruise ship performer is a dream job for many aspiring entertainers. Cruise ships offer an exciting and unique way to see the world while pursuing a career in entertainment.

Cruise ship performers can make a good living, depending on their experience level and the cruise line they work for.

Cruise ship performers typically work as soloists or in small ensembles, performing a variety of musical styles from classical to jazz. Performers typically have up to four sets per night, with additional sets on special event nights. They may also be asked to perform during the day for activities such as poolside parties and other entertainment events.

The wages for cruise ship performers vary greatly depending on the type of contract they sign and the cruise line they work for. Salaried performers usually receive an hourly rate plus tips, and sometimes receive additional bonuses based on performance reviews or audience feedback. Hourly workers are typically paid by the hour, with overtime available if needed.

Freelance performers, who are often booked by agents or through auditioning websites, can negotiate their own rates depending on experience level and demand. Rates can range anywhere from $50 per hour for beginner level performers to several hundred dollars per hour for experienced professionals.

Overall, cruise ship performers can expect to make anywhere from $50-$300+ per hour depending on their experience level and the type of contract they sign. While it is possible to make good money as a performer on a cruise ship, it is important to remember that this is still a highly competitive field with no guarantee of employment or regular income.

In conclusion, how much does a cruise ship performer make? It depends largely upon individual experience level, type of contract signed and which cruise line you work for – but generally speaking rates start at around $50 per hour and can go up significantly from there.