How Much Does a Cruise Ship Physician Make?

By Robert Palmer

How Much Does A Cruise Ship Physician Make?

Cruise ship physicians are responsible for the health and wellbeing of passengers and crew onboard a cruise ship. They provide medical attention to passengers, diagnose illnesses, and provide preventative health care services.

Cruise ship physicians are highly skilled professionals who are experienced in treating a variety of medical conditions. In addition to their medical duties, they also act as advisers to the captain and other senior staff on board the vessel.

Cruise ships are highly regulated environments and medical staff must adhere to stringent safety protocols and regulations while onboard. They must be certified in advanced life-saving techniques, understand the fundamentals of maritime law and regulations, and be able to respond quickly to medical emergencies. The cruise industry is also heavily reliant on customer satisfaction, so cruise ship physicians must also be capable of providing excellent customer service as well as medical care.

The salary for a cruise ship physician varies depending on the size of the vessel, their experience level, and the number of passengers it accommodates. However, many cruise lines offer competitive salaries ranging from $90k – $150k per year plus bonuses for exceptional performance. Additionally, many cruise lines offer benefits such as free meals and accommodations while onboard.

In order to become a successful cruise ship physician, applicants must have completed at least four years of undergraduate study in medicine or related fields followed by at least two years of postgraduate work specializing in emergency medicine or family medicine. Applicants must also hold current certification from either the American Board of Medical Specialties or its equivalent in their home country before applying for positions with major cruise lines.

Cruise ship physicians work long hours while onboard but they are well compensated for their efforts with competitive salaries and generous benefits packages that make it an attractive field for those looking to enter into the medical profession in a unique way. Cruise ship physicians can expect a healthy salary that compensates them fairly for their hard work and dedication while providing top-notch medical care to passengers around the world.


Cruise Ship Physicians are highly skilled professionals who provide vital medical care services to passengers sailing around the world aboard large vessels. They play an important role in ensuring passenger safety and comfort during their stay aboard a cruise liner, making it an attractive career path for those looking to enter into the field of medicine with a unique approach. Salaries for Cruise Ship Physicians vary based on experience level but generally range from $90k – $150k per year plus bonuses for exceptional performance; making it both an exciting and rewarding profession overall!