How Much Does a Destination Wedding in Italy Cost?

By Michael Ferguson

When it comes to destination weddings, Italy is a top choice for couples from around the world. With its stunning landscapes, romantic culture, and world-renowned cuisine, couples have been flocking to the country for the perfect wedding venue. But with all of these amazing features, one must wonder – how much does a destination wedding in Italy cost?

The cost of a destination wedding in Italy can vary greatly depending on the size of the wedding and the specific location. For smaller weddings of around 30 guests, prices can start at about €10,000 and go up to €30,000 or more.

This includes the costs of venues, catering services, photography, flowers and decorations. Of course, if you want to splurge on luxury items such as an open bar or live music then you can expect your costs to rise even higher.

One way to cut costs is to book your venue and catering services separately. If you choose a smaller venue that provides catering services on site then you can save some money by avoiding paying for separate vendors. Additionally, if you are able to avoid peak seasons such as summer then you may be able to get some discounts from local vendors.

When it comes to planning a destination wedding in Italy there are also many hidden costs that couples should take into account. These include transportation for guests from their home country to Italy as well as any accommodations they may need while staying in the country. Additionally, legal fees associated with getting married in Italy can also add up quickly so it’s important to factor them into your budget.


Overall, a destination wedding in Italy can be an incredibly romantic experience for couples looking for something special but it comes with its own unique set of challenges when it comes to budgeting and planning. Depending on the size of your wedding and specific location prices can range anywhere from €10,000 – €30,000 or more with additional hidden costs such as legal fees or transportation expenses adding even more onto your total cost.