How Much Does a Greece Destination Wedding Cost?

By Anna Duncan

A Greece destination wedding is a truly unique experience, as couples can enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean country while celebrating their union. But how much does such an occasion cost? The answer depends on many factors, including venue, food and beverage, and other services.

The cost of a wedding in Greece can vary greatly depending on the type of celebration desired. A traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony in a church will likely be more expensive than one held at a beach or garden-style venue. Additionally, couples should consider the cost of decorations, music, photography and videography services, as well as any other wedding party expenses such as dresses, tuxedos and flowers.

The cost of food and beverage is also an important factor to consider when planning a destination wedding in Greece. Catering packages are available from local restaurants or caterers and typically include full service with multiple courses.

Couples should also consider if they want to provide wine or other alcoholic beverages for their guests.

It is important to note that many vendors require payment upfront for services related to a destination wedding in Greece. This includes things like venue rental fees, catering costs and any additional services such as photography or videography. Couples should always inquire about payment terms before booking any vendor for their special day.

In addition to all of these costs, couples should remember that there may be additional fees associated with getting married abroad. These may include visa requirements for both the couple and their guests, as well as additional travel costs such as airfare, accommodations and transportation.


Overall, there is no set answer to how much a Greece destination wedding will cost since it largely depends on the couple’s individual needs and preferences. However, by researching different vendors and keeping track of expenses along the way it is possible to find an affordable option that still offers everything they need for an unforgettable day.