How Much Does a Purser on a Cruise Ship Make?

By Michael Ferguson

A Purser on a Cruise Ship is an important administrative role that is responsible for overseeing the financial and accounting operations onboard. The Purser typically holds the highest administrative position in the ship’s hierarchy and reports directly to the Captain. As a result, the role of a Purser is both challenging and rewarding.

The primary responsibilities of a Purser include managing passenger accounts, handling customer complaints, collecting payments, processing onboard purchases, issuing receipts and maintaining financial records. They must also ensure that all accounting operations and procedures are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Additionally, they must also be able to provide passengers with accurate information regarding their accounts and transactions.

In order to become a Purser on a Cruise Ship, one must possess strong financial knowledge and have the ability to multitask in order to handle various tasks simultaneously. One should also have excellent interpersonal skills as they will be expected to interact with passengers frequently. Additionally, Pursers must be able to work well under pressure in order to meet deadlines for various tasks.

The salary of a Purser varies depending on their experience level, duties assigned, size of the cruise line, type of ship they are working on etc. Generally speaking however, Pursers can expect an average salary ranging from $45k-60k per year. In addition to their salary, Pursers may also receive additional benefits such as health insurance coverage and vacation time.


In conclusion, Pursers on Cruise Ships play an important role in managing financial operations onboard and are compensated accordingly with an average salary ranging from $45k-60k per year as well as additional benefits such as health insurance coverage and vacation time.