How Much Does a River Cruise Ship Cost?

By Anna Duncan

River cruises are becoming increasingly popular for travelers looking for a unique and luxurious experience. Cruise ships that sail along rivers provide an intimate and close-up view of the destination, allowing passengers to explore the area’s culture, sights and sounds. But with all of the amenities and services offered on these ships, many travelers are wondering – how much does a river cruise ship cost?

River cruise ships come in all shapes and sizes, from small vessels that carry just a few dozen passengers to larger ships that can accommodate hundreds. Prices vary widely depending on the size of the ship, the amenities offered and the length of the voyage.

A typical river cruise fare may range anywhere from $100 per person per day to over $1,000 per person per day. While more expensive cruises may include additional perks such as upgraded accommodations, exclusive shore excursions or private dining experiences, it’s possible to find budget-friendly choices that offer plenty of value for your money.

The type of ship you choose will also factor into how much your river cruise costs. Luxury vessels tend to be more expensive than traditional boats, with amenities such as multiple restaurants, bars and lounges, private balconies and other features that make them stand out from other types of river cruises. Smaller boats often offer a more intimate experience at a lower price point.

The length of your journey will also affect your overall cost; shorter voyages tend to be less expensive than longer ones. The itinerary of your trip is another factor to consider; some routes may include more ports or activities than others, which can influence the cost significantly.

Additional Costs

In addition to the base fare for your cruise, there are several other costs you should keep in mind when planning your trip. These expenses can include taxes and port fees; gratuities; excursions; onboard activities such as spa treatments or wine tasting classes; onboard meals; drinks; Internet access; shore transfers; and airfare (if applicable). Most river cruise lines will provide an itemized list of these additional expenses before you book so you can budget accordingly.


The cost of a river cruise ship depends on a variety of factors such as size and amenities offered onboard as well as length of voyage and route taken. Luxury vessels generally come with higher price tags but budget-friendly options are available if you’re looking for value for your money. In addition to the base fare for your cruise, remember to factor in taxes, port fees and any additional expenses related to activities or meals while on board.