How Much Does a Security Officer on a Cruise Ship Make?

By Anna Duncan

Working as a security officer on a cruise ship is an exciting and demanding job. It requires someone with a strong sense of responsibility, supervisory skills, and excellent judgement. Security officers are responsible for maintaining order and safety on board the ship and must be highly aware of their surroundings at all times.

The job of a security officer starts even before the ship sets sail. They must ensure that all passengers have the correct paperwork for boarding, check for any suspicious activity, and inspect cabins for contraband. Once the cruise is underway, security officers are responsible for patrolling the decks, responding to emergencies, intervening in fights or other disturbances, monitoring surveillance cameras and alarms, and providing assistance to passengers in need.

The working hours of a security officer on a cruise ship vary depending on the size of the vessel. Generally speaking, they work long hours – often up to 12-14 hours per day – but can also enjoy some down time during their shifts depending on the needs of the ship. Security officers also receive regular days off throughout their voyages.

A security officer’s salary depends largely on experience level and cruise line employer. On average, they can expect to make anywhere from $2,000 – $3,500 per month when they first start out. With experience and promotions, salaries can range up to $6,000 – $7000 monthly.

In conclusion, working as a security officer on a cruise ship is an exciting career option with good salary potential. It’s important to note that the amount earned varies depending on experience level and employer. On average though, most new hires can expect to make between $2-3k per month while more experienced guards may earn up to $7k per month or more.